Magnolia Place receives “Most Enhanced” award

The Landmarks Association of St. Louis is honoring the Magnolia Place condominium project with a “Most Enhanced” award for 2010.  From the St. Louis Beacon:

Another winner with a high-profile geographic setting is Magnolia Place, a 1920 apartment building facing Tower Grove Park at 4101 Magnolia.  “It was a huge eyesore in such a prominent place opposite the park, so its preservation had big impact,” Weil said. Originally the building had 30 apartments. Now gutted and modernized with more bathrooms and bigger closets, it has 27 condos with traditional early 20th Century floor plans.

Congratulations to Kyle Miller and the rest of the development team!


About Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation

Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible development, affordable housing and diverse character and vibrancy in the Shaw neighborhood located in St. Louis, MO. Through its local development and community progress expertise, the organization serves as a resource to developers, real estate agents, neighborhood residents and business owners.
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