Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation Completes Modular Building Feasibility Study

The Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation has made large strides towards developing vacant and abandoned buildings in the Shaw Neighborhood.  Most LRA owned buildings in Shaw currently have developers assigned to complete the development.  In addition to tracking, locating and negotiating opportunities with privately owned vacant/abandoned building owners, SNHC is also focused on new construction in Shaw.  Below is a list of potentially available vacant lots owned by LRA in Shaw.  In an effort to educate developers on the possibility of using modular building practices for infill lots, SNHC engaged Jay Swoboda from EcoUrban homes to develop a feasibilility study on modular building.  Jay concluded a 5-10% savings could be expected on a single family home compared to a stick built home.   In addition to the cost savings, Jay outlines many other reasons why modular building should be considered.  Please review the complete study here .  Please contact me at with any questions and/or for additional information on the available lots in Shaw.  SNHC hopes the study may be applied in other neighborhoods around St. Louis City.

Available Lots In Shaw

4056 Detonty Vacant LRA | 1816 Lawrence Vacant LRA
3966 Detonty Vacant LRA | 3900 Detonty Vacant LRA | 3866 Detonty Vacant LRA
3867 Castleman Vacant LRA | 3867 Russell Vacant LRA | 4101 Castleman Vacant LRA
4250 Shaw Vacant LRA


About Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation

Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible development, affordable housing and diverse character and vibrancy in the Shaw neighborhood located in St. Louis, MO. Through its local development and community progress expertise, the organization serves as a resource to developers, real estate agents, neighborhood residents and business owners.
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2 Responses to Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation Completes Modular Building Feasibility Study

  1. sherbers says:

    Are there any photo examples of modular homes that fit in with the aesthetic of the neighborhood?

  2. Sherbers,

    The facades typically found in Shaw lend themselves nicely to modular design. Please send your email to and I’ll forward some examples.

    Thanks for your interest.


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