Shaw Becomes Heathier

The Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association recently assisted with the application and helped the Regal 3 corner store (corner of Klemm/Shaw) win a grant to participate in the “St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project.”  Cara Jensen  recently posted this blog about the program on the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association’s website.

The Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation along with the St. Louis City Commercial Real Estate Department and Alderman Conway are working with the Regal 3 building owner to improve the storefront.  The plan is to remove the bars from the windows, replace the windows, paint the exterior, provide a visually pleasing barrier between the dumpster and the street, replace the concrete sidewalks, add new lighting, etc.  Bids for the work are forthcoming.

As most people know, the corner of Klemm and Shaw is the first entry point to the Shaw neighborhood for people coming from hwy 44 and hwy 40 west of Tower Grove Ave.  It has been reported by some real estate agents they steer potential buyers away from entering the neighborhood at this point due to the exterior appearance of the store.  If the improvements can be made, it will help the corner, neighborhood and hopefully, the corner store.

If you haven’t been inside the Regal 3 store, please take some time to visit.  The store owner, Berhe, is very personable and  the interior is well kept and organized.  The store is a real asset to our area.



About Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation

Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible development, affordable housing and diverse character and vibrancy in the Shaw neighborhood located in St. Louis, MO. Through its local development and community progress expertise, the organization serves as a resource to developers, real estate agents, neighborhood residents and business owners.
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2 Responses to Shaw Becomes Heathier

  1. Jess says:

    I have shopped at Regal 3 a few times and have lived in the Shaw Neighborhood for nearly 5 years. Admittedly so, if the store had a minor facelift it would bring in a whole new slew of folks — consumers, buyers and renters alike. Although their groceries are well overpriced the owners are very nice people. I look forward to the upcoming changes! Shaw Neighborhood is hands-down, the absolute best neighborhood to reside in within St. Louis city. =)

    • Jess,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and your enthusiasm for Shaw. I completely agree. I think you will be very surprised at the new commercial developments coming to Shaw as well as the improvemensat to Regal 3. We are also looking at other ways to better present the front door of our neighborhood. Shaw blvd has improved greatly and still has a lot of promise. We look forward to continued improvement.


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