SNHC Profile: Berhe Beyent, Long Time Shaw Business Owner

Berhe Beyent

Berhe Beyent

Regal 3, located at the corner of Shaw and Klemm, is very much a Shaw staple. While Berhe Beyent, store owner, has been running the store for the past 23 years, the store itself has been here for decades. In fact, Regal 3 was the third Regal store. Berhe says what we now know as Sasha’s was originally the old Regal 2. He recalled a fond memory of helping an elderly, retired, woman inside the store back in 2006. After chatting with the woman for a little while he learned that she was visiting from Florida and that her grandfather had owned the store many years ago; the impact, and memories that have taken place at Regal 3 reach far beyond Shaw.

The upcoming renovations, and the addition of healthy food options, that will be taking place for Regal 3 will further help build a sense of community within Shaw. Berhe is hoping that the improvements will cause neighbors to want to shop at the store more. Berhe says he believes the improvements will make a good impact on business, and the Shaw neighborhood as a whole. Berhe loves the idea of seeing regular familiar faces, and urges Shawites to stop in for a visit. He says this is “your neighborhood store.” He also wants it to “feel like home” for everyone who frequents the store.

As we, as a community, work to build up the Shaw neighborhood, perhaps, start by doing business with one that has been a part of this neighborhood for decades. Berhe looks forward to accommodating any request for products the store has yet to offer. He says, “From the smallest to the biggest, do business with us and give us feedback.”

The renovations are well under way and are set to be completed in the next 4 to 6 weeks. New concrete, planters and a new awning are coming soon. Regal 3 will change its name to the aptly titled “Shaw Market.”

By Erica Roper (SNHC Assistant)


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Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes responsible development, affordable housing and diverse character and vibrancy in the Shaw neighborhood located in St. Louis, MO. Through its local development and community progress expertise, the organization serves as a resource to developers, real estate agents, neighborhood residents and business owners.
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One Response to SNHC Profile: Berhe Beyent, Long Time Shaw Business Owner

  1. Laura says:

    Every time I’m in Regal, it seems like Berhe or Sam know every customer by name.

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