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Sean Spencer, Executive Director

Sean Spencer is a native of St. Louis. Sean holds a Bachelor of Science in Imaging and Photographic Technology with a minor in Business from Rochester Institute of Technology. While at RIT, he was named an Umbro/All America soccer player in 1994.  He was also named player of the year in the Empire 8 conference in 1994.  Following college, he was a manager in New York City at AGT (Applied Graphics Technology) and worked exclusively on digital archive projects for Time Warner, The Daily News, USA Network, CBS, Phillip-Morris among others. He then managed the Imaging, and traditional photographic and customer service departments for Bill Gates owned Corbis. During his time at Corbis, he managed the process of digitizing the world famous Bettmann archive in addition to Outline and Sygma archives.

Over his 15 year career in real estate, he has helped secure over 10 million dollars in lease revenue. He specializes in community development, historic tax credits, leasing, property management, and retail/large scale residential development. Sean is a licensed state certified residential appraiser and has appraised homes throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area (Missouri and Illinois).  Sean has also successfully developed and sold residential homes using historic state tax credits.

As President of the Flora Place Association, Sean proposed and successfully implemented the Flora Place Community Improvement District which provides private security patrols, landscaping and social events for residents of Flora Place.

In 2009, Sean was hired as the Executive Director by the Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation. Sean believes the Shaw Neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in St. Louis and is devoted to helping it continue to grow and prosper. In his time as Executive Director, Sean has facilitated the development of over 20 properties. Sean has cataloged vacant and abandoned properties, developed housing related community development initiatives and promoted Shaw as the premier place to live in St. Louis. Sean has developed strong relationships with prominent developers in St. Louis.

Sean lives is Shaw with his wife and two sons. He has been a resident of Shaw since 2003. He is convinced Shaw and other urban areas will continue to be a popular living destination and is a great place to invest.


Board Members

Tom Sweeney, President
Russell Cummings, Vice-President
Jason Kempf, Treasurer
Stephanie Noecker, Secretary

Emmett Coleman
Ron Brunson
Kevin McKinney
Elissa Schauman
Jillian Guenther
Don Burrus
Joan Jennings
Vince Chamov

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